It is no secret that Japan has many different kinds of varieties when it comes to fruits. Just like the county’s meat and fish industry, fruit farms go to battle through auction in order to win the annual ‘Best in…’ awards.
Price tags often reflect the high standard that the fruit has to meet in order to be deemed ‘saleable’ in Japan, with the country’s most impressive sale ever (two Yubari King Watermelons, 2019) having landed in at a record 5 million yen.

With such high prices, attempting to pick up some healthy, tasty treats from a supermarket can be a disheartening task. That’s why, it is always best to take the opportunity whenever fruit tasting fairs and events pop up.

For strawberry lovers, Japan’s popular dessert parlor Sweets Paradise will be holding an event that shouldn’t be missed; ‘All-you-can-eat strawberry and brand comparison fair’, where you can eat as many strawberries and compare as many of the top strawberry brands as you’d like.

The event will be held from 4 January 2021 to some time in mid February, and will showcase an unlimited feast of famous strawberry varieties. The all-you-can-eat event will allow you to munch on some of the country’s most famous brands.
Don’t miss this chance to enjoy eating as many strawberries as you’d like – you may even discover a new favourite to crave for!

Each store is planning to offer at least 3 different brands of strawberries during the event from the following; Tochiotome, Amaou, Tochiaika, Akahoppe (Red Cheeks), Yumenoka, Sachinoka.

Tochiotome strawberries are prized for a good balance between sweet and sourness and their abundance of juice.
Amaou strawberries are characterised by their large, consistent shape and high sugar content, making them one of the sweetest varieties.
Tochiaika strawberries are known for their relatively harder than average flesh, and a strong sweet flavour.
Akahoppe strawberries are large and cone shaped, with a firm texture.
Yumenoka strawberries are described as being large with a refreshing, yet sweet flavour.
Sachinoka strawberries are listed as a deep red fruit with an appealing aroma, and well-balanced taste.

The all-you-can-eat strawberry and brand comparison fair will be available at all Sweets Paradise stores across Japan from 4 January 2021. The fee for the event is 2,580 yen for adults and 1,800 yen for children, and includes Sweets Paradise basic buffet, drink bar, salad bar and all you can eat Haagen-Dazs gelato.

All-you-can-eat strawberry and brand comparison fair

Location: All Sweets Paradise stores (Japan)
Period: 4 January 2021 – mid-February
Adults: 2,580 yen
Children: 1,800 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.