In collaboration with All Nippon Airways, we've seen Great Big Story cover interesting topics in Japan ranging from the fact that you may have been eating fake wasabi all this time, to Japan's first all female-chef sushi restaurant. Now they're turning their attention to the world of traditional Japanese sweets, or wagashi, many of which incorporate ornate decorative garnishes for a pleasing aesthetic.

Sweets are especially crafted to show off motifs of the season

The video follows the Fukushima family, which has been making wagashi for the past six generations, using seasonal motifs and traditional designs that date back to the Edo period.

Some of their 200 varieties of wagashi, which are often served in conjuction with tea ceremony, are made using intricate molds and carvings, while others are folded by hand. The Fukushima family are proud of keeping the the history and culture of these traditional sweets as beautiful and thriving as ever for the past 170 years.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.