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Start Autumn with a crunch: chestnut cream macarons

As Autumn makes its way into the spotlight, the citrusy, fruity flavours of summer give way for the wholesome, hearty and toasty palate that accompanies the Fall season.
Arguably, one of Autumn in Japan’s best flavours up for offer is the chestnut. With its sweet, nutty flavour, chestnuts can be appreciated by people of all ages, and it comes as no surprise that as soon as the leaves start turning into shades of red and brown, that chestnut is on every menu in the country.

With September marking the start of Autumn, these chestnut cream macarons from Patisserie Antenor in Kobe have come at the perfect time.

Let the rich, sweet taste and the soft crunch of these chestnut cream macarons remind you of walking amongst the crisp fallen leaves of the Autumn season.

Sandwiched between two crispy almond meringue biscuits, these macarons are filled with finely chopped italian chestnuts and a good helping of maple-scented white chocolate cream. A dash of rum is added to the filling in order to deepen the flavour. And to top it all off, those crunchy outside biscuits? They’re chestnut flavoured too!

Coming in individually wrapped sets of 4 and 8, you can choose whether to share these chestnut cream macarons with friends and colleagues or to savor them all for yourself.
Accompanying the Autumn season, these biscuits will be available online here or at Patisserie Antenor stores nationwide from September 1 - November 30.

Set of 4 – 800 yen (plus tax)
Set of 8 – 1,600 yen (plus tax)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.