Source: @kotaro_chang

Shiba inu loves heater more than anything else

During cold days in winter, no amount of layers seem to be able to keep our bodies warm enough.

On a day like that, a Japanese heated table (Kotatsu) or a stove heater is our best friend.

Kotaro the shibainu’s photos were tweeted by his owner (@kotaro_chang), and caught many people’s hearts.

After days of freezing cold weather, Kotaro’s owner finally got the stove heater out for the season.

Soon enough, Kotaro approached the heater, and…

Look how heavenly Kotaro looks in these photos!

He is absolutely in love, and even doing a split with his rear legs, perhaps because he wants to warm up his legs, too.

He is dozing off in front of the stove from the comfort of the warmth, as if to say “this is pawfect…”

Many people fell in love with Kotaro, putting his full effort into receiving the warmth from the heater.

He looks so relaxed! It must have been so nice and warm for him.

His coat color makes it look so “toasty”…

You can feel his determination to hog that spot, and not let go. Putting all the focus on the stove!

Electronic stoves or other heating devices can cause low-temperature burn if animals are too close in proximity. Please keep your pets away in safe distance from the heater, and be aware of temperature settings when using such devices in the space shared with your pets.

These photos of relaxed Kotaro with his beloved heater makes you feel warm inside, too!

By - Mugi.