On January 3rd, 2021, Makoto Shinkai's popular 2019 romantic fantasy anime film 天気の子 Weathering with You will be broadcast on Japanese television for the first time. Fans are particularly looking forward to this, since there will be a special new one-minute ending directed by Shinkai, emphasizing the message of "weathering hardships" which resonates even more in these pandemic times.

To commemorate the occasion, アイカサ i-kasa, an umbrella rental service established in 2018, will be lending special clear umbrellas cleverly designed so as to display an image of deuteragonist Hina from an iconic scene in which she is seen floating in the world above the clouds.

As you can see in this close up, the line 「ねぇ、今から晴れるよ。」("Hey, it'll clear up now") is printed vertically in Japanese, along with the film logo, the date and time of the TV broadcast (Asahi TV, 9:00 PM, for those who can watch it), along with sponsor and copyright information.

The umbrellas will be installed inside Ikebukuro Station, Shinjuku Station, and Yoyogi Station, which are the settings of the movie. i-kasa is a convenient umbrella sharing service that allows you to easily borrow an umbrella and return it wherever you like when it suddenly rains or when it's inconvenient to bring an umbrella with you.

With these umbrellas, you can "walk with Hina" in the actual areas so often depicted in Makoto Shinkai's works.


  • Period: December 29, 2020 (Tuesday) - January 3, 2021 (Sunday)
  • Website (with links to download i-kasa app): i-kasa
  • Locations: JR Ikebukuro Sta. Azalea Road spot (8 umbrellas), JR Shinjuku Sta. South Exit Midori no Madoguchi spot (8 umbrellas), Yoyogi Station West Gate front of ticket gate spot (9 umbrellas)
  • Note: Due to the nature of the i-kasa service, customers may return umbrellas to other i-kasa spots, so there may be no "Weathering with You" umbrellas at the spots where they were initially placed.

We've made a map with the locations indicated below with blue rainy cloud icons (see website for complete map of all i-kasa locations):

By - Ben K.