Your idea of a Japanese umbrella is probably one that is clear, transparent, and disposable looking, or perhaps a more dainty and traditional sun-umbrella that you may spot a geisha sporting in Kyoto. However, with the help of a little elbow grease technology, these umbrellas that show off cool patterns when wet may just replace that image.

While they look like your typical unassuming umbrella when dry, water absorbent technology allows these umbrellas to reveal their hidden designs when they get wet in the rain. It's a nifty little trick to watch unfold in real-time, and perhaps there is some benefit to having your umbrella transform from plain to gaudy in a matter of seconds. Many of the signs seem to be traditional Japanese emblems and motifs, but there are more universally cute patterns such as cats and floral patterns.


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And here's a video that displays the transformation, as well a gives an explanation of the product.

Even better, if you want to try singing in the rain with one of these, you don't need to be in Japan--Amazon has you covered!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.