Babies are just bundles of joy, aren't they? Although they involve sleepless nights and dirty diapers, they can certainly be entertaining. Indeed, parents are often surprised by their baby’s behaviour. Twitter user Mumu (@mmikuji), for example, who is in the middle of raising a child, posted this photo.

“At war with a one-year old”

According to Mumu, she wouldn't carry her daughter when she asked her. Her child, of course, then refused to walk by herself and decided to lay protest in the middle of the street—the logical thing to do.

If the scene seems precarious, don't worry. The battle took place on a dead-end street, and Mumu was overseeing her daughter the whole time.

Many people reacted to the post:

  • “My granddaughter did the same thing in a big puddle.”
  • “Oh thank goodness. It’s not just my kids who do this kind of thing.”
  • “My kids did this too. It’s a nice memory.”
  • “I think her mother must be so tired, but the daughter is cute. I feel like she is determined not to move!”
  • “So nostalgic. Lol. It’s hard work raising kids. Parenting is tough and sometimes frustrating, but don’t forget to treat yourself and try to enjoy everything as much as possible!”
  • “You can do it, Mom!”
  • “I understood this situation and laughed.”
  • “I worked overtime today. I spit out the sake that I was drinking when I saw this.”

Sure enough, there was an outpouring of support for the frustrated mother. Many readers had clearly experienced the same thing. Another follower also reacted to Mumu’s post:

“Yeah, I know kids do this a lot. Recently, I took this picture. That's my kid on the right and a stranger's child on the left. It seems they are collaborating on some type of project.”

I’m sure parents want to lie down too when their kids don’t listen to them. I wonder if that is allowed. Nevertheless, parenting takes patience. Hopefully, these type of moments become good memories in the future.

160000 people laughed at this photo

While Mumu’s daughter was lying down in the street, Twitter user Haruharu’s son (@yamaton20191031) was sitting down with a good book.

“Look at how serious his expression is!!”

As you can see, the newborn was very immersed in the book he was reading. However, I wonder what kind of book it was...

Surprisingly, this one-year-old boy was reading a textbook about giving birth! Although he was only born a year ago, it seems like he's exceptionally self-aware. Sure enough, this book looks particularly topical to him.

I can also imagine him thinking, “Oh, I see. Other babies lie in the street as they get older.”

Naturally, many followers laughed at this post. They commented:

  • “He’s too cute. I feel like he’s going to be a father soon.”
  • “He’s quite motivated! I can hear his voice saying, “Oh yeah, it was just like that.”
  • “I laughed at his serious expression. He’ll be a good husband in the future.”
  • “He is thinking back on his own birth.”
  • “I can hear him saying, ‘Hmmm, I should go through at this angle. My way took too much time and was hard on my mother. Next lifetime, I’ll be sure to come out like this!”
  • “Wow, what a wonderful shot! I laughed!”
  • “Great! He can get a Nobel prize in the future!”
  • “Too cute. He’s a small old man.”
  • “Is he reviewing or preparing? Lol. He’s so cute.”

Indeed, although he’s so young, I’m sure he’s now prepared to be a good husband. My, how quickly they grow up.

His parents also posted this photo:

When his little sister started to cry, he handed these diapers to her from outside of the baby bed. He knows what it means when a baby's time to change diapers. It seems like his fatherly instinct has already kicked in.

By - Luke Mahoney.