This summer unprecedented temperatures have swept Japan resulting in over 60 deaths and thousands hospitalised. It’s been so bad that the heatwave has been declared a national disaster by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Despite the danger of working these conditions, policemen, garbage collectors, firemen, bus drivers and other public officials have all continued their usual work to provide these indispensable services to Japanese citizens. To prevent cases of heatstroke and other ailments, it was necessary to take more breaks than usual and ensure everyone stays hydrated.

The Nagoya Fire Service used Twitter to announce that when there isn’t enough time to return to the station they may park the fire truck outside a convenience store to buy water and asked for people to be understanding.

While most replies were supportive and some even questioned why such a common sense thing needed to be tweeted out, there’s always some entitled people who love to complain. The tweet was replied to with moaning such as ‘they’re using our tax money to go to the convenience store and buy drinks!’

These thoughtless complaints are directed to other public officials as well. Bus drivers have also been scolded by passengers for drinking water while on the job.

In Japan the customer isn’t just king, they say the customer is god. Due to this many people who work with the public find it hard to speak out against unreasonable demands and complaints. But this bus driver got sick of hearing people complain, and fair enough, considering the danger if workers aren’t given adequate breaks in the heat.

Kashiken is a real life bus driver and he took to Twitter to set the complainers straight.

‘”Emergency workers are at the convenience store!”

“There’s a police officer using a smart phone!”

“The firefighters stopped at the udon restaurant!”

“The bus driver’s drinking water on the job!”

“The shop workers are chatting at the back!”

Wait a minute! These complaints…


His words are simple but make even more sense when you think that the bus driver drinking water may not hurt the complaining passenger, but if he passes out from dehydration that will certainly cause them, and everyone else, a great deal of harm.

Hopefully those who think service workers are just robots who exist to please them will realise that actually, they are humans too, and their safety and health come before the customer’s whims. Japanese workers too can learn from this bus drivers words, that it’s ok to stick up for themselves sometimes!

By - Jess.