For as much as foreign visitors and residents take a liking to Japanese beer, the way it's served when poured can be a bit jarring for some beer fans. While many see too much head on a beer to be off-putting for reasons such as "not getting what you paid for" or simply depriving them of the amount of beer they desire, in Japan a healthy serving of foam is seen as a plus. This partly because to many in Japan, a hefty amount of head on a golden beer is an ideal aesthetic, and conveys a feeling of added freshness in taste.

While it may not be everyone's cup of tea (or beer, rather), Asahi is providing an at-home treat for those who miss the feel of a frothy mug of beer with a new release: ASAHI SUPER DRY cans with a special lid that replicates drinking from a mug and generates more foam when opened.

The new SUPER DRY comes with a wide mouth lid and inner lining system that Asahi says creates more of an instantaneous rise of finer fizz and foam when opened, compared to pouring from a normal can or drinking from one. A double safety structure on the mouth of the can makes it safe to drink from directly. On the label is a picture of a freshly poured beer mug, emphasizing the "nama biru" (生ビール, fresh draught beer) experience that the cans aim to recreate.

The new cans won't go on sale for quite some time (April 6th for convenience stores, and April 20th throughout Japan), but they may be a suitable answer for those at home looking for a foamy beer experience without any glassware.

By - Big Neko.