If you’ve never seen photos taken by Masayuki Oki, you’re in for a treat.

The Japanese photographer is known for his photos of cats getting themselves into all sorts of hijinx. There’s something special in how he takes photos of his furry little subjects — whether they’re sitting, walking, or playing around — he always manages to capture the very essence of “cats being cats”.

In the past, he’s held exhibitions and released books of his work. This month, he announced his collaboration with Japanese rainwear company, Wpc., to create a new line of umbrellas and eco bags that show off the adorable cat photos that he’s come to be known for.

The design for the “Masayuki Oki x Wpc.” collection comes in three colors: black, brown and pink. It makes use of Oki’s cat images to create a pattern with each color item featuring a different set of cats.

The umbrellas (called “Umbre Nyan”, combining a short form of the word ‘umbrella’ and the word for cats’ meows in Japanese) are priced at 2,750 each, while the eco bags come in at 1,760 yen. They can be found at Wpc.’s PARCO Shinsaibaishi store in Osaka, or through Japanese online retailers Rakuten and Zozotown.

By - Jen Laforteza.