People are busy in the morning. Preparing breakfast and making lunches for their children…maybe a little help around the house would be appreciated, right?

Twitter user Mofu Nail (@mofunail) lives with her kitten Pucchi. One morning, after feeding the young cat, she went to the kitchen. She started to make rice for herself when she noticed something unusual with her rice cooker.

"Why are you popping out of the rice cooker so early in the morning. Don’t try to look all innocent. Get out of there! Lol Lol Lol"

Indeed, the scene was pretty comical and striking. Mofu Nail's followers reacted:

  • "It's too cute! Even during a hectic morning, it relieves your stress."
  • “He’s so cute. He makes me feel happy. His face is like ‘What?’ It’s so awesome. Lol”
  • “This cat and rice cooker are like Aladdin and a magical lamp. They make your dream come true.”
  • “I imagine he says ‘Oh, Hi! I came from another world, and I didn’t know the exit was here.”
  • “He grows from such a place! It’s too cute.”
  • “He looks like he just came out of a time machine."
  • “Your cat is cute. And the color of your kitchen devices is cool.”
  • “The rice cooker is like a vehicle. It seems to float in the air and take-off.”

Yeah, the cat knew what he was up to--no need to keep up the charade and play innocent. Nevertheless, it's impossible not to laugh at the situation. Indeed, many users responded that their cats did similar quirky things as well with rice cookers. I guess they have a thing for grains in the morning.

Regardless, the whole scene is very cute and thereby easy to forgive even when it happens so early in the morning.

More rice cooker kitties

Sure enough, rice cookers are trending among felines online. A YouTube post was very similar.

YouTuber Chori Chami took a video of her kitty on a rice cooker and shared it on the video platform. The post was popular, receiving over 75,000 views among cat lovers.

"I tried to lure her off the rice cooker to play, but she wouldn't have it. Lol It's getting cold, and she warms up on the rice cooker. She feels good lying there, and she could fall asleep."

The YouTuber’s video of her kitten, who’s name is Chami, was indeed well-received. Many viewers commented on the upload:

  • “It’s cold recently, but it looks warm there. She is so cute.”
  • “A rice cooker with cat Chami”
  • “The size is just right for her.”
  • “She warms up on the rice cooker. She is such a smart girl.”
  • “Oh my goodness! She is so cute!”
  • “She is checking whether the rice cooker works or not. Good job!”
  • “We can see this behavior only with cats. She knows how to survive the winter.”
  • “A rice cooker has now become a heating device. Is she warming up there or smelling the rice?”
  • “She’s so cute. I want to be the rice cooker.”

Indeed, many cats can get a lot of use out of their rice cookers. Some have even learned how to open them.

Twitter user Soramametonaa (@aEjUjXiAVbO5f7M) also posted about her cat.

"She is a cat who likes the warmth of a rice cooker. I fastened the lid with tape, but that doesn’t mean this rice cooker is broken. It’s to keep my cat from opening it. Lol."

A cat knows what is comfortable and what is not. It seems that they are drawn to rice cookers as they seek to stay warm during the chilly winter months in Japan. You have to admit; it's pretty clever.

By - Luke Mahoney.