Animals, even cool and collective cats, can be just as surprised by each other's behavior as their human companions. Japanese Twitter user mu-chi (@muchi21067312)

A recent video mu-chi shared of their cat, Totoro-chan, being startled in the middle of playing with her toy definitely shows that. While Totoro-chan seems completely fixated on her cat toy, she is completely taken aback when the family corgi, Chiku, comes scooting into the frame doing a "butt walk".

While most dog lovers know that this type of butt-scooting can be indicative of an anal sac issue or irritation, mu-chi writes that Chiku recently had that area cleaned and addressed, and some dogs react this way after that--so Chiku is just fine.

Totoro-chan perhaps not, however, as the highly expressive cat seems to have seen a ghost!

For more adventures of Totoro and Chiku, be sure to follow mu-chi on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.