Usually, if you want to get hammered and jump into a ball pit, it involves somebody calling the police to escort you out of some kid's birthday party. Fortunately recently opened Ball Pool Bar Dive in Osaka has the back of adults who want to be kids again (well, at a bar) by offering up a massive ball pit to enjoy. Patrons can try jumping into the ball pit while enjoying an all-you-can-drink plan of 2000 yen for women, and 3000 yen for men.

Because it's no fun to spill booze all over yourself while in a ball pit, your drinks are served in tightly lidded mason jars, which coincidentally are booming in Japan currently.

While ball pit bars have come up in other countries, this seems to be a first in Japan, which is getting the bar quite a bit of attention from television outlets. Dive is the latest in Japan's recent excitement for interactive themed bars and parties, including clubs filled with foam and bars where you can take a mud bath.

"Dive" is certainly an appropriate name!

According to Kotaku, the pit contains more than 20,000 colorful balls for you to swim and surf around in. Despite the playful appearance, it is a bar, so no minors are allowed inside (under 20 in Japan).

Ball Pool Bar Dive doesn't appear to have an official site up and running yet, but here's the address should you be in Osaka and looking for some unusual fun.

Higashishinsaibashi 2-5-31, Tsukitora 51 Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka

Located on the sixth floor

By - grape Japan editorial staff.