Anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica turned the magical girl genre on its head when it was released ten years ago. Even now, the emotional twists and turns it subjected viewers to probably won't leave the consciousness of anime fans any time soon.

Now fans can celebrate the anniversary of the show's release with some new sparkly accessories. U-Treasure, a Japanese jewellery brand which makes pieces inspired by famous characters, are releasing some pretty necklaces based around a central motif of the series, the soul gems.

Since everyone has a favourite out of the dysfunctional witch-slaying gang, this new collection includes the soul gem of all five girls, so you can rep your pick.

Each one is based on the soul gems seen in the animation, and the characters are matched with their respective soul gem colour. The main character, Kaname Madoka has a light pink one.

The mysterious Akemi Homura is represented with purple.

Big sister figure Mami can be remembered with her warm gold coloured soul gem.

Blue-haired Miki Sayaka couldn’t be any other colour.

And Sakura Kyoko, the aggressive outsider, has a red soul gem.

Each one is available in silver (17,600 yen) or yellow gold (44,000 yen), and they can be pre-ordered from U-Treasure’s website until 28th January.

By - Jess.