As a globally-beloved and long-running franchise, Pokemon has inspired all kinds of weird and wonderful merchandise for fans to enjoy. Of course, this includes plenty of jazzy clothes and accessories that Pokemon enthusiasts can wear with pride.

There's even a Japanese jewellers called U-treasure which releases gorgeous, detailed jewellery inspired by various fan favourite Pokemon. There’s so many to choose from that there’s sure to be one that resonates with you. If you relate to the sparky energy of electric Pokemon, there’s plenty of Pikachu tributes, and if you’re known for your changeable nature, you can go for Ditto.

Their latest creation is perfect for Pokemon trainers who love to spend the day sleeping and eating. This open ring design features two creatures, Snorlax and Munchlax, and the two of them perfectly represent this lifestyle.

Snorlax can be seen sleeping on one side of the detailed design (presumably after gorging himself), while Munchlax is chowing down on some Pecha Berries and Oran Berries on the other side.

The ring can be caught in silver for 17,600 yen, 18 carat yellow or pink gold for 99,000 yen, and the most precious metal they offer is platinum for 110,000 yen. They can currently be found on U-treasure’s online store, along with other Snorlax offerings such as a necklace.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.