Studio Ghibli’s internationally acclaimed Spirited Away celebrates 20 years since its release in 2021. The film is often cited as one of the greatest animated films ever made, and until the release of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train in 2020 (see what Hayao Miyazaki had to say about the takeover here), it held the record for being Japan’s most successful and highest-grossing film (even overtaking Titanic – which was the top-grossing film worldwide at the time of its release) in the Japanese box office.

Over the years, Spirited Away has not dropped in popularity and has continued to capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world.
To celebrate the special occasion, Donguri Republic’s fashion brand GBL is adding a special Spirited Away themed vintage sukajan jacket to their product lineup.

If you are a ghibli fan, you’ll notice the back of the jacket features an embroidered image of Kaonashi (known in English as No-Face) as he’s about to swallow the frog spirit Aogaeru (an employee of the Bathhouse) whole. Beneath the scene the year of the film’s release, is commemorated with an embroidered ‘2001’ and shimenawa rope.
On the front of the jacket, the iconic Bathhouse – complete with steam rising from it’s chimneys – is sewn onto both sides of the zipper.

The jacket is made out of soft, lightweight rayon fabric. Whilst the outer fabric appears as a glossy black, the inside resembles the green colour of Aogaeru. Inside, the GBL label commemorates the anniversary with a printed Kaonashi and ‘Studio Ghibli 2021’.

The Jacket comes in 4 sizes and will be available to purchase for 29,800 yen from Donguri Republic shops both instore and online from 30 January 2021. Reservations can be made online from 15 January 2021.

Spirited Away ‘Onaka Peco’ Sukajan Vintage Jacket

Price: 29,800 yen
Sizes: Small (L 57cm x W 51cm), Medium (L 62cm x W 54cm), Large (L 65cm x W 57cm), X-Large (L 67cm x W 60cm)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.