Award-winning (ADC Young Guns 17) Japanese stop motion animator Kenta Shinohara (@shinohara_kenta) has gained a lot of praise for the videos of his work that she shares on Twitter and YouTube. It's easy to see why, as the talented animator meticulously crafts his work using not only traditional staging, but impressive visuals. It also helps that his work features nearly all the popular video game and anime characters you can think of.

Shinohara's latest piece has been just as big a hit as his past ones. This one tells a short but sweet tale of Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter and their eternal sparring partner--a Red Bull can!

On Shinohara's YouTube channel, you can see a full "making of" video that details his time consuming staging and animating process, which has obviously paid off with an awesome result.

The Sakura version of the video is somewhat of a sequel to one the animator made a while ago featuring Ryu. You can tell his skill level has increased quite a bit!

For more amazing video game and anime stop motion animation videos, be sure to follow Shinohara on on Twitter and YouTube!

By - Big Neko.