These days we’re all trying our hardest to be at the top of the influencer race, but despite our efforts it’s difficult to knock the top dog – or cat even – from the throne.
In recent years SNS sites like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube have all seen an increase in ‘pet influencers’. With their sassy demeanor, adorable fluffiness and just outright craziness, it’s easy to see why it’s so difficult to face the competition when your biggest rival is a cat simply being a cat.

Pet influencers are nothing new, as we all remember the days spent watching Maru the cat, from the channel mugumogu, fitting himself into the smallest and strangest of places. Maru has been described as ‘the most famous cat on the internet’, with his videos having been watched a total of 405,235,246 (as of 3 January 2019). Although that description may still ring true, it seems as though Maru’s time as YouTube pet champion has come to an end, as he steps aside to let fellow feline influencer Mochimaru from Motimaru’s Diary take the title of ‘The most views of a cat on YouTube’.

With 619,586,290 views Mochimaru has not only taken over the reins of YouTube, but he has also gained an official Guinness World Records award.

Guinness World Records certification

Record name: The most watched cat on YouTube
Views: 619,586,290 (as of August 12, 2021)
Certification date: August 12, 2021
Certification body: Guinness World Records

YouTube channel Motimaru’s diary is a channel where the owner (known as Mochimaru’s ‘servant’) posts the casual daily life of Scottish Fold "Mochimaru" (known in the channel as Mochi-sama).
With the increase in time spent at home due to COVID-19, interest in YouTube pet videos has been on the rise. Among them, Motimaru’s Diary quickly gained a following – which has been attributed to Mochimaru’s cuteness – despite only being on the video sharing site for under two years. The channel’s main audience are in the 30s and 50s, with the male to female ratio of viewers being 45:55.

Whilst Mochimaru is the new proud owner of this particular Guinness World Record, the internet will always remember Maru for starting a craze of endless animal videos that won the hearts of millions.
You can catch up with the new title owner and his award on YouTube in his latest video, and if you want to know what happened to Maru, you’ll be pleased to hear that the 14 year old cat is still trying to fit into the smallest of places, and continues to upload videos of his successes to this very day.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.