Sanrio’s beloved characters can be found in many forms all over Japan. From Hello Kitty doughnuts to Gudetama sneakers, there’s plenty of ways for lovers of cute characters to experience kawaii culture.

It seems that for fans of Pompompurin, not much can beat the image of their canine fave made into a dessert. For those unaware of the Sanrio character, Pompompurin is a golden retriever dog who looks like a pudding and wears a brown beret. For this new pop-up cafe coming to Osaka, the cute character has also teamed up with local idol stars NMB48 for a couple of menu items.

For dishes based on Pompompurin alone, Sanrio lovers with a sweet tooth have three desserts to choose from. There’s a vanilla mousse cake version of him popping out of a cooking pot (1000 yen plus tax).

He also sits on top of this caramel and vanilla deluxe parfait (1600 yen plus tax).

Or Pompompurin’s strawberry omelette (1600 yen plus tax), where the ‘omelette’ is actually sponge cake. The accompanying chocolate Pompompurin which decorates the plate is chosen at random and there’s six different possible poses to look forward to.

In terms of beverages, there’s even a rich looking ‘pudding juice’ (730 yen plus tax), which must be what it’s like to drink a pudding.

The super cute mixed juice (730 yen plus tax) can be ordered for take out or sitting in.

For Pompompurin’s idol collaboration with NMB48, there’s a super cute chocolate cake decorated with the group’s signature leopard print (700 yen plus tax) which is also on the take out menu. If you look carefully you can see Pompompurin hiding behind the cake.

And the NMB48 and Pompompurin official drink is an Osaka creation called ‘Osaka Cupid’ (500 yen plus tax), a mix of Calpis and cola.

The collaboration going on from 27th January to 12th April, and Season&Co can be found on the first floor of Links Umeda. Check out the website for more information!

By - Jess.