It looks like McDonald’s Japan is on a roll this autumn, because just less than a week since they made internet headlines with their pumpkin and chocolate french fries, they’ve announced yet another “creative” menu to hit the fast food joint starting October 14th, 2016. Or, at least, they’ve announced a list of five possible new collaborative menus.

Tag teaming with popular Sanrio character Pompompurin, McDonald’s Japan has released a lineup of five Pompompurin-themed menus — with a catch. Only one of the five will actually be offered by McDonald’s, and customers are currently being asked to guess which one they think it will be.

Is it the Pompompurin Burger,

An adorable pudding-flavored burger...

the Chicken McNugget Pompompurin Sauce,

Sweet and delicious pudding chicken nugget sauce, which isn’t all that surprising after the pumpkin sauce.

McFlurry Pompompurin,

Pudding McFlurry, which genuinely sounds like something we would love.

Pom Chicken,

Perhaps some pudding-flavored powder for our chicken?

or the BarbePom?

The usual BBQ burger with a shocking addition of a big, fat pudding patty?

The new menu will be officially announced on October 7th, and those who guessed right will receive an original Pompompurin desktop wallpaper. If you want to participate, you can tweet your answer to @McDonaldsJapan. Will it be the McFlurry, or perhaps the jaw-dropping BarbePom? Some are guessing they’ll all be made available, and quite truthfully, we’re kind of wishing that will happen, too.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.