For the first time in a while, tatutututu (@tatutututu) went out for a walk and was lucky to notice something in the street that warmed his heart.

He posted his discovery on Twitter and caused quite a buzz, gaining over 406,000 Likes in just 5 days.

Below is the first image he shared on Twitter.

Reproduced with permission from 国場のポッチャ(@tatutututu)

What’s that? Looks like a tennis ball or a clump of moss…

What to do…

It’s sleeping by the sidewalk…

And also it’s just so cute

Luckily @tatutututu was looking where he was going, otherwise he might have completely missed it.

Down at his feet was a bulging little baby warbling white-eye.

The tiny green ball of feathers looked to be fast asleep, soaking up the warm sunrays by the side of the road.

Needless to say, @tatutututu’s post was a big hit on Twitter, but what did users have to say about his image?

    Twitter’s Reaction

  • It’s little, round sleeping figure is just too cute!
  • I wouldn’t be able to help watching until it woke up.
  • Must feel good there! But it’s dangerous in the street so I hope it can return home safely…

Mao (@mao_une_fraise) replied, saying she’d found one in Nagoya. She then urged @tatutututu to carry it to safey.

@tatutututu allayed Mao’s fears and said that he placed it on his shoulder, but it flew off and disappeared.

Winter is a difficult season for all creatures, but just like the little warbling white-eye, we can all find moments of warmth to help us carry on until Spring’s return!

By - Mujo.