During COVID-19, you simply can't forget to wash our hands. It's dangerous, after all. Maybe some unique hand soap might make it easier to remember?

Twitter user piimame (@uFpfadATHICPY9N) recently tweeted about washing her hands. But when she dutifully reached for the soap, she noticed something unusual...

"I can't get any hand soap..."

Her Java sparrow Mame was taking a break on her hand soap! As you can imagine, this makes it more than a little awkward to reach for some soap.

210,000 people liked this post. They reacted:

  • "I think there is a soap fairy on your hand soap."
  • “I thought it was a soap bubble.”
  • “It’s cute! I wish this could be sold at stores.”
  • “I thought it was some new product but actually it’s a java sparrow! It’s surprising and very pretty.”
  • “If you make this product, I’ll definitely buy it.”
  • “Is this hand soap of the same feather?”
  • “This bubble has a beak.”
  • “It’s too cute and it made me feel refreshed and revitalized”

piimame also posted a video while Mame was resting on the hand soap container.

"This soap bubble moves!"

As you can see, a certain type of aesthetic results from the white fluffiness of the bird and the soap container, which dispenses hand soap as a sudsy lather. Mame almost looks like whip cream. If everyone had soap like this, washing your hands would be much more entertaining.

A “dognut”

We found another instance of domestic camouflage trending on Twitter. An owner of a Shiba Inu, Kantaro (@kantaro_s0910), was taking her dog for a walk one winter day. When she looked at her dog and she saw something she recognized:

"The snow is driven by the wind. This morning, there was crazy weather with light snow and snowstorms. Seeing him like this makes me craze a Castella cake, lol."

Castella cakes are spongy cakes and a popular snack among residents in Japan. Many eat the sugary dessert upon visiting their local shrine for the first time in the new year. You have to admit, this pupper really looks like a Castella cake.

Kantaro’s followers reacted:

  • “It makes me think ‘why didn’t you eat that Castella cake?’ They look so similar.”
  • “I will go get some Castella cakes.”
  • “They totally look the same!”
  • “Oh, Castella cakes! So nostalgic!”
  • “It’s cute. I want to eat both.”
  • “I want to take a bite!”
  • “I imagined the dog saying, ‘who are saying looks like a Castella cake?? Not me!”
  • “A Castella dog… It’s a symbol of winter.”

Cat white bread

Not only are there Shiba Castella cakes, but cat white bread is also making the rounds on Twitter.

Twitter user Iyashi Channel (@iyashichannel_) posted these pictures on twitter.


This fluffy feline has four furry legs which look like soft white bread! Yum yum.

Followers reacted:

  • "It's a wonderful cream bread!"
  • “It’s cute! Her legs look stuffed toys.”
  • “Can I eat them?”
  • “It’s fluffy bread”
  • “I think the anime character Heidi wants to eat them.”
  • “They look like huge marshmallows.”
  • “I can’t look away from her legs. They’re cute.”
  • “It’s a real stuffed toy!”
  • “Oh my god. Those legs make me happy. I want a cat.”

When prim and proper, animals have variously coloured fluffy fur that can be mistaken for delicious snacks or household items if you're not careful. These pets make people laugh even though they are not trying to. Fortunately, when everyone can use a laugh, these camouflaged furballs deliver.

By - Luke Mahoney.