Being a parent is tough—it's a full-time job without a doubt. As every parent knows, you have to keep a watchful eye on your child, especially when they are young. Not only when out and about, but also in the house it’s necessary to keep tabs on infants and toddlers.

Twitter user yuiii (@yy221126) knows this well. The internaut has a baby girl. She raises two kids and seemingly has very busy days. Fortunately, however, she has a little help around the house. Indeed, the Twitter user has an exceptional babysitter.

See for yourself. When yuiii’s daughter is sleeping on the couch, someone is watching over her…

"Our cat is our bed guard so that our daughter doesn't fall off the couch while she is sleeping.”

“I also took a picture and video of this. He doesn’t move."

As you can see, yuiii’s cat Bran takes care of the girl and is a godsend for a busy mother! Bran watches the child so that she doesn't fall and experience a rude awakening. As my daughter’s “older brother,” I think he feesl he has a responsibility to take care of her.

Moreover, he is not just sitting there. I feel like he understands what he is doing. Indeed, yuiii has a special babysitter who takes care of her kids 24/7!

Her followers reacted:

  • “He is an extremely professional baby sitter!”
  • “He’s unconscionably trying to protect her?”
  • “He is a nice guardsman.”
  • “I imagine the cat saying, ‘Hey girl, you might fall down. So I’ll wait here.”
  • “It’s cute! If a pet is loved by it’s family, the pet also loves the family members too. He’s such a good boy.”
  • “How smart he is.”
  • “I’m not a ‘cat person’, but I love like this cat.”
  • “He’s like a parent who is watching his baby… I respect him.”
  • “Cat can even love different kinds of animals. Even a human…”

Busy babysitter

Indeed, people were quick to note that Bran has a big heart. But his love doesn’t stop once he gets off the couch…

yuiii also posted this video on Twitter.

"When my baby son falls, Bran immediately comes close to him. He is a special cat. My son is all hot and cold to Bran. He leaves Bran, but when Bran doesn’t follow him, he waits for him…lol. When Bran notices that he’s waiting for him, Bran is happy to follow him closely again. It’s like Bran has a crush on him (even though both of them are boys)."

763,000 people liked this post. They reacted:

  • "I think he's a pretty baby brother for Bran."
  • “Bran is being a good brother today, too. Good boy.”
  • "I want to have a relationship with a cat like this too."
  • “This video soothes my heart.”
  • “I think when your son is growing up and Bran becomes old and has trouble following him, he may cry watching this video.”

Many commenters noted that the pair have a special relationship. I think their mother is happy to see them together.

Finally, she also posted this video:

"I forgot to put away these chairs, so my son tried to climb up on the table. But Bran prevented him from climbing on top of the table. When my son stands up on a chair, Bran presses his shoulder to make him sit down… What a professional baby sitter he is..."

Her followers reacted:

  • "I want to hire him for my nursery school”
  • “Wow, Bran is much smarter than a human kid. He’s too clever.”
  • “It makes me think what if Bran was a human in another life?”
  • “Bran is like his mother.”
  • “I want this cat too!"

During trying times, it's encouraging to see our furry friends have got our backs and are willing to help out as much as they can.

By - Luke Mahoney.