Earlier this month, Japanese photographer Hisa (@hisa0808) tweeted two photos of Gifu castle in Gifu prefecture, and they've gotten a lot of attention not just because of how well they're taken, but because of something else they resemble.

Gifu castle was Nobunaga Oda’s ground zero while he attempted his unification of Japan.

On the night it was photographed, this famous and historical architecture shined even more so under the glorious special lighting effect.

Take a look at those amazing photos.

Source: @Hisa0808

Source: @Hisa0808

It’s a perfectly shaped crescent moon placed right above the castle, as if to portray the Masamune Date’s (a regional ruler of Japan in Azuchi momoyama period) armor design.

This is a dreamy collaborative art piece representing Oda and Date, both historical samurai figures in Japan's warring period. Japanese history fans could not get enough of this:

I’m from Gifu, and feel so honored seeing this amazing photograph of the castle. Thank you so much.

This is just so cool. You can use this photo as an opening shot of Taiga drama series.

This view makes me speechless. I can’t believe he could photograph the moon so clearly.

What a majestic view of the castle, lit under the crescent moon. Even if you were not a fan of history, this makes you think of all the historical events that happened in the sengoku period.

Hisa also posts many of his wonderful photographic works on Twitter and Instagram. If you liked these photos, check out his other work, too!

By - Mugi.