From the end of 2020 leading into the New Year, Japan was hit by major cold wave, resulting in nationwide snow days.

Japanese Twitter user and owner of adorable shiba inu "Onigiri" (@5ME7PwbMMjDNOY0) appeared to enjoy their snow day together outside, and posted a video of it on Twitter.

It was the first time for Onigiri to see snow, and many people had their hearts melted by his cute reaction.

"First snow ever and this shiba inu can’t contain himself..."

Onigiri exploded with excitement with the snow on the ground.

He is running back and forth in the yard in the video as you can see, as if he doesn’t know what else to do. His reaction was just a pure joy. This made many people smile.

There were many “kawaii” comments on this video.

It looks like the video is on fast-forward mode. He looks so happy!

He is such an angel. Too adorable!

He is filled with energy. Simply adorable.

A cold wet snow day is often a drag for us. But if it gives someone, something this much joy and happiness, a snow day isn’t so bad after all!

By - Mugi.