It was just another run-of-the-mill red light for this motorcyclist, when amidst the moving traffic something caught her eye. A tiny kitten lost in a dangerous situation.

YouTube user E511 was at an everyday red-light when she and a bystander on a corner noticed a poor kitten that had wandered into the middle of a busy intersection, confused and in real danger. Footage on the rider's helmet-cam captured the courageous rescue attempt.

The poor kitten was very close to being hit by passing cars.


Source: YouTube

So the motorcyclist cried out and signaled for other vehicles to stop.


Source: YouTube

She then showed no hesitation and ran into the intersection to move the kitten out of harm's way!


Source: YouTube

With her bike still parked in the street, she ran over to the bystander to keep the kitten safe.


Source: YouTube

After retrieving her bike, she went back to check on the kitten, who was still shaken up by the scary experience.


Source: YouTube

We're glad to find out that the kitten, named Skidmark, is under care of the motorcyclist at the moment, and doing well. He's even been to the vet and is playing around. Watch the video of his rescue and updates on him below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.