When children are still young, you can never keep your eyes off of them. Not only do you have to be careful when you are out and about with them, but you also have to watch them closely at home to make sure they won’t hurt themselves with furniture or electronics around the house.

Yuiii (@yy221126) is a mother of two young children. Both of them still being so young, you can only imagine that she has has her hands full.

But, Yuiii actually has a very reliable baby-sitter.

The sitter who was watching to make sure that the sleeping daughter would not fall off the couch was...

Blanc the family cat!

Blanc’s actually become an internet cat darling the past for his previous babysitting duties. He made sure that the house(s young son was okay when he tripped, and has kept him from falling off chairs

You can tell from the way the cat interacts with the kids that it cares about them like his own.

A gentle yet determined gaze to protect the little ones is just very evident in this furry super nanny.

Yuiii tweeted the photo, and 170k people were touched by Blanc’s gentle fatherly nature.

"A top notch baby-sitter."

"How sweet. He must love the little girl. "

"What a good boy. It is so touching to see this cat sitting next to the girl as if he’s protecting her!"

Blanc will be watching after the little ones as they grow for a long time!

By - Mugi.