Many who craft plastic Mobile Suit Gundam models (often shortened to "Gunpla" in Japanese) are able to add a special something that adds a whole new level to the hobby, such as perfectly recreating scenes from the anime in stunning detail, or making gorgeous stop-animation.

Japanese Twitter user @cmajortriad, who describes themselves as a weekend modeler, does just that by tapping into the traditional Japanese art of bonsai.

While it may seem like an unusual combination at first, @cmajortriad's bonsai Gundam modeling strikes a compelling harmony, making it appear as if the Mobile Suits are the decayed but peaceful ruins of some long ago battle. Their latest piece is particularly amazing:

Source: @cmajortriad

It's easy to imagine scenarios like a Gundam being reactivated from decades like hibernation, or as ruined remains from an ancient battle overtaken by nature. However you imagine it, the idea puts a great classic anime twist on miniature bonsai, and gives the models themselves a fantastic background and story.

Below are some outstanding highlights of @cmajortriad's awesome bonsai Gundam models. Be sure to follow on Twitter for more.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.