MIL PRESSO(ミル プレッソ)is a specialty store in Hokkaido Prefecture, famous for their soft serve ice cream.

The store's name, Mil Presso, is a combination of the Italian word espresso and milk.

The northern prefecture is renowned for its dairy products and their rich taste, Hokkaido milk being one of them.

The high-quality milk has a smooth, creamy texture and a luxurious taste.

The soft cream specialty shop also uses local ingredients such as Yubari melon and sometimes even mix the flavors to create more delicious and unique options to choose from.

During the cold season, the shop in Hokkaido came up with a surprise for their customers, and they have announced a new item on their menu.

They will start selling the PotaPota Presso (ポタポタプレッソ) potage soup made with ingredients carefully selected from the Hokkaido Prefecture.

Potapota Presso will have as main ingredients the milk that won the highest prize, the gold award in the 2013 All-Japan Local Milk Grand Prix, Tanso junkan nōhō Ka Shizuku (炭素循環農法 香しずく/ carbon cycle farming milk Ka Shizuku) and puree of premium vegetables sourced from the prefecture.

It is a warm drink perfect for the cold winters in Hokkaido that will warm up you up.

The Potapota Presso costs 400 yen (tax included), and you have four options to choose from:

  • Kon Potapresso (こんポタプレッソ) that uses Hokkaido corn puree (Allergens: milk ingredients, soybeans, wheat)
  • Kabo Potapresso (かぼポタプレッソ), made from Hokkaido pumpkin puree (Allergens: Milk ingredients, soybeans, wheat * Uses honey)
  • Tama Potapresso (たまポタプレッソ), made from the Sapporoki (onion) original soup (Allergens: milk ingredients, soybeans, wheat)
  • Jaga Potaresso (じゃがポタプレッソ), made from Hokkaido potatoes (Allergens: milk ingredients, soybeans, wheat, chicken)

If you go to Hokkaido or are currently visiting it, take this opportunity to try out Mil Presso's wintertime menu.

Mil Presso Official Website



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