Last July, the Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel collaborated with popular ramen chain Yamaokaya to give noodle lovers a place to lay their head and dream of their favorite food: a ramen-themed room that simulates sleeping in a ramen shop loaded with ramen goodies.

After the Yamaokaya Room became talk of the town, the hotel has decided to bring back the popular ramen restaurant room upgraded for an even more authentic experience.

Much like the original edition of the room, the interior furnished with wallpaper, curtains, and posters in the image of the store (including a full menu board above a recreated view of sitting at the ramen shop's counter), as well as ramen samples displayed in the actual store.

A new standout touch, however, is in response to previous guests asking for the hotel to recreate the actual smell of the restaurant. So, as a welcome drink, Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel has prepared a soup complementary soup that will fill your room with the appetizing aroma of Yamaokaya's rich pork tonkotsu ramen broth.

Here's a look at the store's flagship ramen bowl you can try and imagine the smell!

The room also comes with a number of gifts for those who stay, including the "Yamaokaya dry noodle complete box", a set of five flavors Yamaokaya instant ramen (soy sauce, salt, miso, special miso, and spicy miso), with the leftover packaging able to be assembled into a model of a Yamaokaya ramen shop.

A driver's license-modeled certification of stay:

An official Yamaokaya face mask:

Those who book a stay between Monday and Thursday will also receive Yamaokaya's special nori seaweed as a present.

The first fifty guests who post using the hashtag #山岡家部屋 on social media will also be gifted a free Yamaokaya ramen bowl.

You will also be treated to a free bowl of ramen voucher redeemable at Yamaokaya, as well as its Goku Niboshi and Goku Miso chains.

A single room runs 6,000 yen per person, while a twin room is priced at 5,000 yen per person

Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel

Address: 064-8509 5-1 Minami 4jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City

Official website (reservations)

Availability period: July 22nd-September 30th.

By - Big Neko.