Most of the time, children worry about their aging parents.

In Japan, where the senior population is growing year by year, many families have surveillance cameras installed in their aging parents' homes that send images to their smartphones or PCs so that they can be the first to notice if they're not feeling well.

Japanese Twitter user ともぞお Tomozoo (@k1m1h4nYO) was also worried about his mother, who was increasingly not answering his phone calls.

He installed a camera but as soon as he turned it on and began checking it, there was a problem.

Even though the camera was installed in his mother's house, the face Tomozoo saw when he looked at the camera feed wasn't his mother's!

You'll understand what happened in the photo below:

Reproduced with permission from ともぞお Tomozoo (@k1m1h4nYO)

Most of the screen was occupied by the face of Sakura, the cat!

Curious about the strange new contraption that had suddenly appeared in her living environment, she couldn't stop peering into it.

Maybe she thought a "surveillance camera" was for her to do the surveilling and not her caretaker's son.

The unexpected situation elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "Excellent security in this home."
  • "True to her mission to protect the home. Good job, Sakura!"
  • "You're too serious about watching over us, cat!"
  • "I can imagine the son thinking: 'No, no, show me my mom!'"
  • "I would watch this channel all day."

With her vigilant attitude toward suspicious objects, Sakura is like a "guard cat" in the house.

Tomozoo should rest assured knowing that such a dependable protector is with her mom night and day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.