Remote work is on the rise in recent months. While it's great to experience meetings in your pajamas, there are actually some downsides to consider.

Twitter user Sayuyasu (@SHAKEhizi_BSK), who appears to be a manga artists, is one such person working from home. She lives with her cats which may be a bit more hectic than you might imagine. Recently, something unusual happened, and Sayuyasu posted about it on Twitter:

"One of my cats, Pino, likes to get on my screen, so I put a box out for her. Then, she started sitting in the box rather than on my desktop work screen. I thought ‘that problem was solved easily,’ but the other cats became curious about the box and gathered. Eventually, the box was full of cats."

As you can see, one cat is plenty, but five is a crowd. Yet, it's amazing how many you can fit in the box.

Her followers reacted:

  • “It’s so crowded and you seem more focused on those cats rather than on your work. Lol. I envy you for having so many cats.”
  • “Cats love boxes for some reason.”
  • “I can hear the box saying, ‘This is impossible.’ ”
  • “They’re good pictures! How nice your cats are. Lol.”
  • “It’s paradise!”
  • “As a result, she has more ‘things’ in her work space. Lol. They are so cute.”
  • “I want to see only this kind of picture forever.”

The other day, she took a moment to take a break. When she looked up from her work she noticed she wasn’t alone:

"They’re watching me."

Her cats gathered in her room and were watching whether she was indeed working or not.

Her users reacted to this peculiar picture:

  • “Oh my goodness. There are eyes everywhere watching you.”
  • “They’re just keeping an eye on you.”
  • “I thought it was a reflection in a mirror, but actually they all are looking at you.”
  • “Literary, everyone is looking at you.”

Sayuyasu claims, "I can work harder thanks to them." If you are a remote worker and need to be managed by someone, cats might have you covered! Hopefully, they don't take out the ol' the cat o' nine tails...har...har...har.

Hanging with the wrong crowd: a cat playing possum

There is another cute cat trending on Twitter. Twitter user Nekohajime (@lamu1010) posted this cat photo on the SNS platform:

"Actually she isn't sleeping…she's pretending to sleep and waiting for me to hug her. When I hug her, she murmurs, and I know she isn't sleeping. She plays possum daily."

Many people are fascinated by the tweet. They reacted:

  • “She is definitely a faker!! If I found her pretending to sleep, I’d hug her for sure.”
  • "Does she murmur? Her voice is also cute.”
  • “It’s too cute because she knows what she is doing!”
  • "That's why cats are adorable."
  • "She is doing a perfect thing for people who love cats. I envy you Nekohajime!!"
  • “It’s too cute!! It kills me!!”
  • “Please give her what she wants! Just hug her!”
  • “Oh no… She is just an angel.”
  • "It's a trap!"

When Nekohajime approaches her "sleeping" cat quietly, she can notice the feline's eyes moving ever so slightly.

Nekohajime also posted a video of her cat when she is actually sleeping:

"I thought today was colder than usual. But I found this next to me..."

Indeed, there is never a dull moment with cats in the house.

By - Luke Mahoney.