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“There was a cat, and your package could not be delivered” – So, the resident tried it himself, and…?

One day, when Kosei came home, there was a delivery notice in between the door frame. There was a mail box placed in the door to slip in, so it appeared odd him. He checked the delivery notice, and it said:

“There was a cat, and the mail couldn't be delivered inside.”

“The cat would push it out, so I placed in between the door frame.”

“What does this mean he couldn’t slip it in because there was a cat?” Kosei wondered.

So, he decided to see it for himself by trying to slip in mail in the mailbox on the door.

Mystery solved, the cat was definitely blocking the mail!

It turned out, the beloved cat of Kosei decided to be a bouncer for the mailbox, keeping anything from coming in.

It’s hysterical how thorough the cat is with his “duty”, not even letting his owner put the mail in.

There were many comments on this post.

Cat security! This is too cute!

I literally laughed out loud alone while in the train. This must have caught the mailman so off-guard!

Back when I used to deliver mails, I have had cat’s paw coming out of slip-in mailbox and surprised me! I couldn’t help but to laugh myself back then!

The mailman must have been surprised by this unexpected cat security guard!

I can only imagine that the cat was only trying to protect his home in his own unique way.

According to Kosei, he has been working on being preventative ever since this discovery of an event, so the cat won’t scratch mail man’s hand by accident.

By - Mugi.