Spattered across the pages of history are collaborations so profound that they have shaped everything that came after. For example, Wilbur and Orville Wright, who changed travel and our view of the world, John Lennon and Paul McCartney who gave birth to popular music, or Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who taught us to discover joy in pint-sized cartons. Add to this list champion of chocolate Godiva and floral foreman Nicolai Bergmann who are teaming up in 2021 to redefine the meaning of “romantic gift” for Valentine’s Day.

Godiva X Nicolai Bergmann Valentines Collaboration

Famous Belgian chocolatier Godiva and Nordic florist Nicolai Bergmann are releasing a collaboration set of chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day 2021. The set will be exclusively sold in Shinjuku’s Isetan department store, and is available now until February 14th. During this limited time period, only 1000 collaborative sets will be sold, making them a truly special gift for your loved one.

Everything about the collaboration from the chocolates and flowers, to the boxes and bags that contain them is limited edition.

The sets include a selection of Godiva’s 95th anniversary collection chocolates and a special box of the preserved flowers that have made Nicolai Bergmann so renowned.

In addition, the boxes for both flowers and chocolates feature gorgeous illustrations of Godiva’s iconic pink van drawn especially for the collaboration by Nicolai Bergmann himself. Customers will receive their purchases in a unique bag that features variations of the pink van design, which is so charming it could be considered a gift in itself.

With sets limited to only 1000, we urge readers to take flight like cupid and head to Shinjuku at the speed of love at first sight to ensure they can get this beautiful Valentine's gift.

And for anyone who misses out on a gift set, the pop-up store is still worth visiting for a limited edition photo opportunity. Customers can scan a code at the booth using their phone or tablet, and take a photo inside a romantic AR floral frame. Offering something for everyone, from beautiful sights to tastes, this collaboration will ensure Valentines Day 2021 is legendary.

Godiva 95th Anniversary Valentines Chocolate Collection

The indulgent chocolates are an assortment of Godiva’s favorites from across their 95-year history, as well as a taste of something new. The collaboration box includes the Lady Godiva embossed “Lady Noir” chocolate, a marriage of rich dark chocolate and Madagascan vanilla cream filling that was first sold in 1926. A white chocolate heart, filled with hazelnut praline, the Cœur Blanc, also features in the collection and was first sold in 1945 to celebrate the opening of Godvia’s Brussels store. Rounding off the chocolate box is a Milk Lemon Mouse which is new for 2021 and flavored with lemon from Italy’s Amalfi coast.

Nicolai Bergmann Limited Edition Valentines Preserved Flowers

The triumvirate of luxury chocolates is best enjoyed while gazing at Nicolai Bergmann’s latest boxes of preserved floral collages. Using exquisite color matching, Bergmann meticulously arranges roses, hydrangeas and carnations to frame a snapshot of eternal beauty. The unique style harmonizes a Scandinavian style flower design with a Japanese sensibility for detail and precision. The flower boxes, which have been specially treated to maintain freshness and softness for around two years, will leave a lasting message of affection for anyone who receives one.

Product Details

  • Product Name: Godiva x Nicolai Bergmann Special Set
  • Release date: February 5, 2021 (Friday) - February 14, 2021 (Sunday) * Limited to a total of 1,000 pieces
  • Dealer: Isetan Shinjuku store Exhibition hall "Sweets Collection 2021" Godiva store
  • Product contents: Nicolai Bergmann Original "Preserved Flower Box" and 95th Anniversary assortment of 3 chocolates by Godiva, bundled in an original clear bag
  • Price (excluding tax): 7,000 yen

By - Toby M.