Essential for the current times we live in, removable masks are a great eco-friendly and sustainable invention. However, they are not without their flaws, one of which is the fact that they are easily stained by makeup and food. Makeup stains in particular prove notoriously hard to remove, even with strong detergents.
To help combat this, makeup and calligraphy brush manufacturer Haku’undō 博雲堂 has developed a mask cleaning liquid that is able to remove even the toughest of makeup stains just by leaving it on the fabric.

With Haku’undō’s mask cleaning liquid masks can be cleaned more deeply, easily and without stress.

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Product Features

Sterilizing effect

Bacteria have been proven to stick to the materials masks are made of, and if not removed completely can lead to the spread of viral infections. Hakūndo’s mask cleaning liquid has a sterilizing effect that can remove stubborn bacteria.

You don’t have to scrub the mask to remove stains

When using a regular clothing or dish-washing detergent, you need to scrub with your hands to remove tough stains. With the mask cleaning liquid from Hakūndo, you simply need to put the liquid on the fabric and the stain will be lifted naturally.
The liquid uses ion cleaning technology that latches onto bacteria, makeup stains and sebum and peels them off of the material at a molecular level.

No need for troublesome rinsing or washing twice

When you wash a mask using regular detergent or dish soap, you need to ensure you rinse well to remove all the cleansing ingredients that will have stuck to the fabric. With the Haku’undō mask cleaning solution, there is no need for additional or deep rinsing. It removes all the dirt in one go, so there is no need to wash it twice. Additionally, the mask cleaning solution utilises a fine particle coating that prevents the reattachment of bacteria.


The Haku’undō mask cleaning solution is made of natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives, bactericides, fragrances, mineral oils, UV absorbers, thinners, parapines or colouring agents. Additionally, since it does not contain petroleum-based substances, it does not pollute the environment. To use the mask cleaning liquid simply dilute a small amount of the liquid with water. One bottle of the liquid can be used for about 160 washes.

Helps masks last longer and leaves no unpleasant odors

Masks cleaned with the Haku’undō mask cleaning liquid will last longer, as the liquid removes all traces of dirt and stains, which could irritate the skin or lead to viral transmission. On top of that the liquid has a deodorising effect that keeps it smelling fresh no matter what.

As for how the mask cleaning liquid is best used, Haku’undō says that hand washing is best, and even explains why machine-washing masks should be avoided with their ‘three reasons why you shouldn’t wash your mask in the washing machine’;

1. Deeply embedded dirt and germs cannot be removed completely

If a mask is not thoroughly cleaned and dried, it can easily become the ideal habitat for mold to grow, and any bacteria that lurks can lead to infection and sickness. Also, unremoved dirt can cause abrasions and rough skin.

2. Makeup stains are hard to remove

Makeup stains from lipsticks and foundations are hard to remove from masks with a washing machine. It is much better to wash with control and care by hand.

3. Detergent smells are strong and stick to fabrics

Most laundry detergents come with a scent. Whilst this may be ok for clothing, on a mask, the smell can be too strong and overwhelming. Wash your masks separately, and with a non-odor detergent like the Hakūndo mask cleaning liquid.

The Haku’undō mask cleaning liquid is available to purchase online from Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping for 1,500 yen. Search for ‘マスク専用クリーナー’ when shopping online.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.