All Hearts Company, the cat-obsessed bakery in Japan behind ‘Neko Neko Shokupan’, can whip up more than just feline shaped bread.

At the moment, they’re running a campaign to celebrate the new Sailor Moon movie by transforming their bread into adorable versions of Luna, the heroine’s talking cat. But that’s not all, as they’ve also released two sets of kitty cat cheesecakes for fans with a sweet tooth.

The mango flavour is themed around Super Sailor Moon, and contains mango and passion fruit puree for a refreshing taste.

The strawberry cheesecake is fittingly paired with the pink Super Sailor Chibi Moon, and its sweet taste is created with strawberry puree.

Each set comes with four cheesecakes. The sets are also packaged in an original design box and paper bag which is cutely adorned with Sailor Moon motifs, making them great gifts for magical girl fans.

These adorable treats will be on sale from now until 25th March to coincide with the film’s release, costing 1380 yen plus tax. It can be picked up at All Hears Company’s various bakeries and stores (store list can be found online) and their online shop (online price may differ).

By - Jess.