When put in the hands of professionals, tributes to Sailor Moon such as Japan's Sailor Moon cafe's colorful menu and figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva's Sailor Moon cosplay skating routine can really do the popular series justice. Sometimes it's fans who end up showing their love for Sailor Moon, as shown by Japanese fan artist and Twitter user Hana (@unXXXhm). Take a look at this awesome Sailor Moon smart phone case, inspired by the famous transformation sequence.

The dazzling glitter-based case has garnered a lot of attention from Sailor Moon fans on Twitter, with many wanting a case just like it. Unfortunately, this case is not for sale. Hana made the special case by using a custom-goods website called Cavanth, where users can have their own artwork and designs custom printed onto existing phone patterns. Hana combined their own Sailor Moon fan art with glitter case, and the result is a magical aesthetic that fits right in with the anime.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.