Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has been super popular since its release, and now that the long-awaited final season is finally here, we’ve seen some pretty interesting tributes in Japan.

Fans have been treated to Attack on Titan escape games and even an Attack on Titan spa where you can rent Eren-inspired clothing to walk around the bathhouse in.

Even okonomiyaki joints are getting in on the titan-slaying action with their themed menus. Okonomiyaki is a type of savoury pancake, which can have a number of toppings and styles, and is known as a specialty of Osaka.

Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki, a chain store with branches all over Japan, have now released their Attack on Titan menu inspired by various characters.

Fans of Levi have two options so they can make a choice with no regrets, just like the character himself. They can choose from a savoury chicken okonomiyaki or a sweet black tea pancake. Both come with a Survey Corps emblem monaka to decorate the top.

Eren’s choice is a hamburger and cheese okonomiyaki, with lots of tomato sauce to reference his bloody extermination of titans.

Mikasa’s dish wears a rasher of bacon to mimic her red scarf, or you could go for Jean’s favourite omelette rice.

Lastly, there’s a dish inspired by Wall Maria, a ‘butatama okonomiyaki’, which is a type of pork option. Just like a titan you can knock through this tasty wall.

Any order off the special menu comes with an awesome clear file as a gift, with original illustrations showing the characters wielding okonomiyaki spatulas.

The campaign is running from now until 21st March 2021. Check out Dohtonbori's website for a shop list (campaign is Japan only and doesn't include branches in other countries) and for more info on the menu.

By - Jess.