YUSASOBA has been performing throughout Japan since 2014, hoping to bring more of Japan's soba culture to the world with the music they play. A soba-loving duo composed of soba expert, violinist and vocalist Yusa and producer and DJ Shogogo, YUSASOBA create original musical compositions in various genres, inspired by the rhythm of the soba making process.

Performing at soba shops, soba festivals, and regional revitalization events all over Japan, they aim to fuse soba and music. Some of their original songs include "Soba ni ite," (Stay by my side) "Soba☆Rap," "Tsukimi," and "gensoba."


Their latest video which they've just uploaded to their YouTube channel is entitled "YUSASOBA / SOBA-UCHI ☆ DJ LIVE 2021."

Using 二八 Nihachi, a unique type of soba flour from Hokkaido with a rich aroma and elegant sweetness, they combined 蕎麦打ち soba-uchi (making soba noodles) with DJ Shogogo playing EDM in a totally new kind of performance and entertainment style.

Yusa (Violin, Vocals)

In addition to being a proficient violinist and vocalist, Yusa holds a level 1 certification in soba appraisal and a level 2 certification in soba making. She's also a soba sommelier and an "Edo Soba-lier."

Her violin performances on YouTube have earned her many followers. For example, here is her beautiful cover of HOMURA from LiSA, the theme song of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train:

Shogogo (keyboards / rap / music production)

Shogogo mainly plays keyboard in live performances but he also raps and deejays.

Future plans

For those who can't get out and about during the pandemic, YUSASOBA will continue to release videos introducing soba restaurants around the country, recipes for eating soba at home, violin performance videos, etc. on their YUSASOBA Channel.


By - Ben K.