"A self-portrait I drew the day after the first time I was yelled at by a customer at my convenience store part time job."

CateShimizu (@36_shimizu) her own self-portrait to Twitter with the caption above. It definitely produced some concerned reactions on Twitter!/p>

This isn't the look of your average convenience store staff! Everybody has times where they deal with trouble from customers at work, and whether that trouble be because of your own mistake or an unreasonable demand from the customer. While Shimizu didn't clarify why, the artistic Twitter user decided to share an illustration depicting their feelings at the time:

What a death glare from behind those glasses!

Shimizu apparently tried to provide a portrait of what she was feeling inside, when getting yelled at by a customer at work. Eyes filled with rage, tight-shut lips, and somewhat of a mocking smirk.

There have been many self-portraits, this one gives a bit of a backstory to the frustrations of convenience store workers.

This one of a kind self-portrait caught attention on twitter, and many people left sympathizing comments and encouragements for Shimizu for the seemingly unreasonable claims she received at work, the one we all experience at least once when we are first start out, too.

-What an impression.

-He can barely hide his dark thoughts inside her.

-I shouldn’t have seen this in a public space.

While you can't help but feel bad for Shimizu, it may be her customer who is actually the one in trouble!

Shimizu also provided some more of her talented artwork--non-related to work stress.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.