Akihabara-based retailer Thanko likes to pride themselves on sometimes quirky but always practical releases, including one person bento box-sized rice cookers and wearable kotatsu.

Their latest endeavor is one that's sure to please tea lovers--an electric kettle that heats up water and brews tea at the same time!

The transparent kettle, which has a separate removable slot for tea leaves, has a capacity of 1.5 liters, with temperature settings you can adjust to brew different types of tea. (Settings of green tea, black tea, and herbal tea).

The main body uses glass that allows you to see inside, and is resistant to lasting smell and easy to clean. Since the temperature can be determined at a glance, it is easy to adjust the strength to your liking. In addition it's function to prevent emptying and overheating, it is also equipped with a thermal fuse, so it has a safety net that automatically turns off the power even if you leave it unattended.

It's currently available from Thanko for 5,980 yen.

By - Big Neko.