To celebrate the upcoming release of the live-action film, Tom & Jerry, Tully’s Japan is releasing a new menu inspired by the long-running cat and mouse franchise. The collaboration also coincides with the 80-year anniversary of the television broadcast of the first-ever Tom & Jerry cartoon.

The centerpieces of the menu are perfect for those with a sweet tooth: two different iced lattes served in Tom & Jerry cups, both garnished with a type of dessert food. The Jerry drink is a vanilla latte topped with whipped cream, blueberry sauce, Emmental cheese bits, and a carefully placed cheese cookie on the side. It is priced at 693 yen.

The Tom drink, on the other hand, is a hazelnut latte topped with colorful fruity popcorn drizzled with caramel sauce. The cup features a cute illustration of Tom as a barista, and the drink is also priced at 693 yen.

There are also three new food items included in the menu. The first is a hot dog served in a Tom & Jerry box, priced at 495 yen. For toppings, it has two different kinds of melted cheese and crunchy fried onions.

The next item is a BLTC sandwich, or a bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese sandwich, priced at 539 yen. The look of the sandwich is directly inspired by a sandwich that appears in the movie.

Last but not the least is a menu item simply called, ‘Cheese Cheese Cheese’. A soft golden brown bun is filled with parmesan and processed cheese, and is priced at 352 yen.

In addition to food and drink items, Tully’s is also releasing coffee beans in Tom & Jerry packaging from 1,296 yen, and a variety of similarly themed merchandise like mugs, tumblers, and coffee canisters.

The Tom & Jerry collaboration items will be available in all Tully’s branches across Japan from March 10, 2021, with the Tom & Jerry keychains receiving a later release on April 9, 2021. You can find an interactive map of Tully’s branches on the cafe’s English website.

By - Jen Laforteza.