September 22nd marked the Autumnal Equinox and first official day of Autumn in 2020...

And life in Japan went on. The sun beat down, if ever so slightly less fiercely. People pounded the pavements in half sleeved shirts and sandals. Few even noticed Fall had fallen over the land.

Those that did were probably the thousands of residents of Japan, eagerly awaiting Starbucks to release the Pumpkin Spice Latte, only to be disappointed yet again in 2020. Starbucks has never released its spicy squash flavored coffee in Japan in spite of most consumerist nations being obsessed with the beverage and even relying on it to signal the coming of Autumn.

But then came October 2nd. Tully’s Coffee stepped up and released their Caramel Pumpkin Latte yet again in 2020. Finally, the fall feeling shot across Japan, sending the message that: Autumn has arrived, and it’s being brought by Tully’s. Read on to find out what’s on their awesome Autumn menu!

Caramel Pumpkin Latte and &Tea Pear and Apple Autumn Fruit Tea

Caramel Pumpkin Latte (HOT/ ICE)

Pumpkin-heading up Tully’s fall menu is the Caramel Pumpkin Latte, which blends espresso with a flavorful pumpkin sauce. The beverage is topped with pumpkin cream and burnt caramel pumpkin sauce.

Sipping on this indulgent, full-bodied drink is like inhaling the crisp, mature flavors of the autumn harvest; bittersweet and refreshingly rich. The drink is available in hot or ice versions so you can savor the feeling of the toasty warmth of a fall fire or the crisp morning air of the autumn morn.

Anyone craving a PSL in Japan will find this drink hits the spot while likely taking the number one place as the fall drink.

  • Short: 460 yen + tax
  • Tall: 510 yen + tax
  • Grande: 560 yen + tax

& TEA Pear & Apple Autumn Fruit Tea (HOT/ ICE)

Tully’s have also added a fall drink to their &TEA line-up, the "& TEA Pear & Apple Autumn Fruit Tea". This earl gray flavored tea is infused with pear and topped with an apple sauce that contains real apple.

The aftertaste is refreshing while having a slight sweetness from the fruit. This drink can also be enjoyed hot or cold to suit the playful, changing temperatures of the season.

  • Short: 430 yen + tax
  • Tall: 480 yen + tax
  • Grande (ICED ONLY): 530 yen + tax

With two tempting beverages on offer, we recommend heading to Tully’s on your next coffee break so you can start enjoying the true taste of Autumn. But don’t stop there, the Japanese coffee chain has also released Autumn sweets: an Apple Caramel Tart and a Crumble Chocolate Cake which pair perfectly with these drinks.

Autumn Desserts: Apple Caramel Tart and Crumble Chocolate Cake

Apple Caramel Tart

The “Apple Caramel Tart” is based on the French dessert tarte tatin. Made using domestic apples stewed in red wine and lemon, this dessert has a moreish sweet and sour taste that goes especially well with the Autumn tea.

Single item: 450 yen + tax | Set menu: 730 yen + tax

The “Crumble Chocolate” cake is an homage to chocolate, bursting with cocoa flavor. It’s dense, moist sponge is especially melty and delicious when warmed, and can be enjoyed with vanilla ice cream for the truly decadent amongst you.

Single item: 450 yen + tax | Set menu: 730 yen + tax

Autumn has arrived, and with over two months remaining, there’s an abundance of opportunities to indulge in Caramel Pumpkin lattes and other Autumn treats at Tully’s.

By - Toby M.