Instagram features a lot of illustrators. However, contributors showcasing traditional samurai motifs are very rare. 山田全自動 Yamada Zenjidō (IG: y_haiku) is one such content creator who captures common scenes using this traditional style. Many of his pieces have been well-received on the SNS platform, and his handle boasts over a million followers.

Recently, he posted this work:

"Common problems at midnight: 1) Thinking whether to eat food or not. I'm like 'It's time to go to bed, but I feel like I can't sleep if I'm hungry. On the other hand, if I eat now, I'll feel guilty. But is it better if I can't sleep? If I'm going to eat something, I should eat now…'" 2) When I post something on SNS at midnight and my friend likes the post, I feel like ‘You are still awake too!.’ 3) I’m surprised when I hear the strange call of a mysterious bird. 4) I want to rearrange my house somehow. 5) I delete pictures I post at midnight secretly the next morning. (‘Thanks to everyone, I could make it this far. I appreciate all of you.')"

His followers reacted:

  • “I understand these problems clearly.”
  • “In my case, I keep deleting posts that I posted while drinking alone. Lol.”
  • “I do all of these.”
  • “Not only birds, but screeching cats are scary.”
  • “Sometimes I can make out drunk people talking at midnight.”
  • “I also post midnight poems on SNS sometimes. Lol.”

Maybe you can relate to some of these conundrums. In my case, I often hear a rooster crowing after I return home from staying out all night.

Yamada Zenjidō had another popular post:

"Common things about drug stores: 1) There are gummies in front of the cash register. 2) A drug store in the suburbs has only a little medicine. 3) The medicine I’m looking for is always behind the cash register. 4) I'm worried that the products at the front of the store will be stolen."

His followers reacted to this post:

  • “I’m concerned about sales (especially lipstick) in the cosmetics department because of rules around wearing masks.”
  • “I also worry about the products at the front of the store.”

On smartphones

"Common things about smartphone: 1) I hold my smartphone low because I don't want people to know I'm taking a photo. 2) I enjoy the view out the window on the train. When the train enters a tunnel, I look at my smartphone, but it doesn't work because there's no signal. 3) When I show my smartphone to a friend, they start looking at other pictures, and I get nervous. My friend: "Oh, that's a great view of so and so.” Me, thinking: The pictures are unrelated after that… 4) Also, predictive text makes me nervous too when someone is looking at my smartphone. I'm anxious whether an embarrassing search phrase will pop up. My friend: “Can you research it?” Me: “...ok…” "

Sharing everyday experiences on Instagram, it’s interesting to see just how many people can relate. Because of the pandemic, we are all cooped up more than we would like to be. However, we can share our experiences with SNS and laugh together.

If you'd like to see more of Yamada Zenjidō’s work, you can follow the artist on Instagram.

By - Luke Mahoney.