Longtime fans of cute cat pictures on the internet will be aware of the ‘catloaf’ phenomenon. Considered one of the cutest poses a feline can sit in, it involves the cat hiding all four legs under its body when sitting down, making it look similar to a loaf of bread.

But did you know that there’s also a term for this in Japanese? It’s called ‘kobakozuwari’, meaning ‘incense box sitting’.

Source: @s_sekko

Apart from loaves and incense boxes, one Japanese Twitter user noticed another similarly shaped item and made their own kitty into a strikingly accurate cosplay of a rice ball.

Source: @s_sekko

‘Onigiri’, a classic Japanese comfort food, is a type of rice ball which is sold in all Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. It consists of a filling surrounded by white rice and wrapped in seaweed. In particular, the owner thought the cat’s pose resembled a ‘tawara onigiri’ which is longer rather than round, like a bale of hay.

Source: @s_sekko

In order to turn this catloaf into a riceball, all that was needed was a sheet of seaweed and voila! Your cat rice ball is served.

If you want to see more adorable feline shenanigans, the owner’s Twitter page is often updated with photos and videos.

By - Jess.