We've seen some clever scratching posts for cats in Japan, including some that give your kitty Buddhist enlightenment or turn them into Japan's most famous woodblock print.

Twitter user @s_sekko, who lives with their white Scottish Fold Muku, may have pointed out one that will hit the sweet spot on the Venn Diagram for lovers of cats and Japanese food.

Because it turns cats into sushi chefs whenever they scratch it!

Source: @s_sekko

Source: @s_sekko

Muku's white fur matches the adorable egg and tuna nigiri sushi scratching posts perfectly, as it could either be sushi rice or a sushi chef's white coat. When a cat scratches the post, it looks like they are pressing the topping onto the rice firmly like an expert sushi chef does!

Many cat lovers on Twitter couldn't contain their glee, wanting a sushi scratching post of their own for their cats. Fortunately @s_sekko was in a sharing mood, and clarified that the sushi scratching post is made by pet goods brand healthype, who has their own online store and also sells the sushi scratching posts on Amazon.

It sure seems like Muku enjoys the post, and it provides some fish he won't try to eat for once!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.