Japanese online retailer Felissimo's Cat Club (Neko-bu) division focuses on feline-themed goods, often with quirky items such as moisturizer inspired by cat drool and a fruit tart bed that turns your sleeping cat into a sweet dessert. Their latest popular release is inspired by a sight that delights cat lovers everywhere--a happy kitty rubbing up against your leg or side of a wall when in happy mood. They're fittingly called the "snuggling up to you pampered cat pen stands."

The pen stands certainly live up to their name, replicating the irresistible image of a cat happily rubbing it's head and back up against an object, or even you, to get what it wants! Some cats even served as models for the crafting process.

The pen stands come in six different designs, which should hopefully assure a favorite type of cat for everyone.

Of course, they look just as cute from behind as well.

While the pen stands adorably capture the image of a cat beckoning for some scratches or food, they're not the only cute cat figures from Felissimo. They're part of a feline series that includes personal cat clingers for your umbrella as well has tooth brush holders.

The cat stands are currently available online from Felissimo's online shop, but feline fans around the world can find all sets from their international order page as well.


As with all cat club orders, a portion of the price goes towards efforts to help and take care of stray animals displaced by national disasters in Japan.

By - Big Neko.