The 18m tall Great Buddha (daibutsu) statue in Konan, Aichi prefecture is somewhat affectionately known as the "Great Buddha with Sunglasses". That's because when viewed from just the right angle from behind the Nagoya’s Railway Co.’s Inuyama Line train crossing, the Great Buddha of the Hotei region appears to be wearing the crossing's flashing warning lights as a set of shades.

Traveling Japanese photographer _deepsky (Twitter, Instagram) recently shared some photos he snapped of the Great Buddha appearing to be dressed for the season.

With sakura season beginning to pop up through Japan, the Great Buddha with Sunglasses is surrounded by a sea of cherry blossom trees, making it appear as if he's donned a stylish pink t-shirt. On Twitter, many are referring to the seasonally decorated statue as the "Paripi" (a Japanese shortening of "party people") Buddha!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.