Update: While currently sold out at the official shop and no set date for a return is available, you can place an order at Japan Trend Shop as well as Amazon Japan.

Here's a video that demonstrates the No-Face Piggy Bank gobbling up your money to music from the film!

We've seen No-Face from Studio Ghibli's classic Spirited Away do everything from gobble up adorable hamsters to wander the streets of Japan strumming on a shamisen, but if there is one thing we know to be weary of, it's shoving things in his mouth. It now looks like we won't be able to resist the temptation to give money to his iron stomach, and eventually take it back, however, as this No-Face Piggy Bank that gobbles up coins, burps, and plays music is just too good to resist.

Placing coins in No-Face's dish will activate his Piggy Bank abilities, and also reveal a ravenous appetite and those hidden scary teeth. As the coins are devoured, No-Face says "Ahh..Ahh..." while music from the film plays, before finishing off his money meal with a satisfied burp!

The item's release is scheduled for May 20th, 2017, and will be sold at Studio Ghibli specialty store Donguri Republic (Acorn Republic), as well as pre-order on their online shop for 4,800 yen ($41.94 USD). Should you ever visit Japan, here is a list of their shop locations.(A good idea in general, as Donguri Republic has a wide range of cool Studio Ghibli goods that are hard to find elsewhere!)

You try and get a friend in Japan or contact an intermediary Japanese retail proxy (check Google for more options) like Japan Lover or Zenmarket to help you out with a purchase if things look difficult. (We aren't aware of Acorn Republic's international shipping policies.)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.