Member of Japanese comedian duo Tunnel’s Nori,take Kinashi (AKA Nori-san) has been known for his avid work as an artist. He’s not only had 8 exhibitions of his own in Japan since 1994, but also had his artwork debut internationally in New York, US (2015) and London, UK (2018),and both exhibitions ended in great success.

On February 16th, 2021, he opened his 9th exhibition in Japan, the “Kinashi Noritake exhibition, TIMING- In light of the moment” at the Museum of Kyoto. He will be sharing over 200 pieces of his unique artworks including many new works, varying from objet d’art to sculptures to paintings...You can see that his imagination is literally limitless.

Many of his paintings are filled with warm and various colors and patterns, his sculptures bold, and displayed art objects burst of uniqueness and vivid colors that speak of his creativity and artistic nature. The exhibition is for all ages, and will surely be something all family members can enjoy together.

Nori hopes that “everyone takes their time to observe each piece, soak it all in, and enjoy the art!”

The exhibition takes place from February 16th to March 28th at the Museum of Kyoto in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. Tickets are available for purchase at the Museum, as well as online on the official online ticketing website; MOALA ticket, or convenience stores.

Phone inquiry: (075)-222-0888

General Public: 1600 yen

College/High school student: 1300 yen

Junior high/elementary school student: 600 yen

By - Mugi.